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Beyond the Greenline by Richard Ekstedt

Beyond the Greenline
English, 184 pages, Paperback
9780877147817 / 0877147817
by Denlingers Pub Ltd
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Product Description Richard C. Dalton, Specialist E-6, U. S - Army, thought that he would be assigned to a general or field hospital when he received his orders for Vietnam. After all, he had spent three years in Germany as a Medical Corpsman at the 45th Medical Battalion, 3'd Armored Division in Frankfurt and, after re-enlisting in 1967, had returned to the United States to attend the elite Clinical Specialist School at Madigan General Hospital, Fort Lewis, Washington. A Clinical Specialist should be stationed at a nice, safe hospital and, considering himself a coward, that is where Specialist Dalton wanted to be when in Vietnam. But that isn't the way things turned out. This combat medic joins an inept re-con/ambush patrol, called the "Dirty Dozen" and fights to save Vietnamese children and the woman he loves.

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